Mar, 2013

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Monster Bakery (The Darker Side of Light, Book 4)
by Michael L. Martin Jr.
Not Yet Released




Wes Canon rescues monsters. Even the most terrifying of monsters need help, and Wes shares a deep connection with them. But everything chances when he slays an ancient monster that happens to be on the endangered monsters list.

With the complete extinction of “the last descendant of the mother of all unicorns” on his hands, he is forbidden to interact with monsters of all kinds and is banned from using any magic. Violation of those terms would lead to his being smote, vanquished, and other unspeakable wrath.

But his new home on an island full of magical creatures places him in the center of a proud monster community who despise slayers and delight in provoking him into an altercation. And his new job at a witch’s bakery draws him into an epic struggle of magical proportions when he discovers a strange force that lies hidden beneath it.

Monster Bakery is a  fantasy novel by Michael L. Martin Jr. It is the 4th book in The Darker Side of Light saga.

About The Darker Side of Light Saga

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