Nov, 2012

The Darker Side of Light

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

In ancient times, the Light begat a daughter. But soon after her birth, the child had fallen ill, afflicted with shadow.

With all his abundance of power, the Light still could not cure her. And the Heavens flat-out refused to try. They deemed the daughter of Light a verboten cherub.

Her precious radiance dimming, the Light reluctantly sought aid from the dark deities lurking in the fiery depths of the underworld. But then those miserable spirits stole her from him and locked the gates of the realm of the damned.

The Light’s blinding brilliance permeated the oldest corners of the darkest realms, but his daughter still remained lost to him for many ages. Until Cross, a deceased human soul on a treacherous personal quest across the underworld, happened upon the child by chance.

The Darker Side of Light chronicles the epic adventures of Cross, a deceased ex-slave; Wes Canon a young roguish sorcerer; and the daughter of Light.

The saga begins with Series I: Life After Death and follows the great quest undertaken by Cross throughout the Underworld, the Heavens and beyond. Series II: Wes Canon follows the fantastic adventures of teenage sorcerer Wes Canon and his magical companions: Ellie the Elf, Maks the Giant, and Neriana the Merrow. Finally, Series III: The Daughter of Light concerns the forbidden heir of the Light, the shadow that shrouds her and the darkness awakened within her father.

For readers who enjoy fantastical world-building in a style kindred to that of the Harry Potter series and if you like bendy plots and twists such as those found on the television series LOST. You’ll love The Darker Side of Light saga.


Life After Death

Series I: Life After Death Covers


A deceased man crosses the underworld in search of a river that will erase the memory of his past.

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BOOK 3 *Outlining



A teen sorcerer works at a magical bakery.

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BOOK 5 *Outlining

BOOK 6 *Outlining


BOOK 7 *First Draft

BOOK 8 *Outlining

BOOK 9 *Outlining

BOOK 10 *Outlining

BOOK 11 *Outlining

BOOK 12  *Outlining

The Darker Side of Light saga is a series of fantasy novels by Michael L. Martin Jr., told across 12 novels which are broken into three series’.

Each series of the saga stands alone and is fully self-contained. Readers are able to read one series within the saga without being required to read the others (no cliffhangers or plots left dangling to-be-continued). The series’ can even be read in any order of your choosing. Easily jump in at SERIES III without feeling lost. Discover the earlier books at your convenience.

Although each series of the saga is enjoyable on its own without needing to dip into the others, the saga is so much more of an enriched experience when viewed as a whole as it is specially designed to reward those readers who follow along from beginning to end. As each series takes place within the same universe, many of your favorite characters, settings, and even plots recur throughout the saga, bridging the books together. The overarching story being the Light and his search for his daughter and what that entails for the main characters in each series.

This page/website will always contain the most up-to-date and accurate information about the progress of all of the novels within The Darker Side of Light saga. It is updated exclusively by Michael L. Martin Jr. himself. Follow his progress in the sidebar.