Apr, 2013

After a couple suffers the loss of their child, the grieving father undergoes a life-changing procedure that permanently numbs him from emotional stress and pain. In TRANSCENDED writer/director Cole Paviour imagines a world where you may choose to  feel absolutely nothing at all and offers a glimpse at the dangerous repercussions of what that means.

Cole Paviour

Cole Paviour
Toryn Westcott

Sophie Blackburn
Mathew Lenzi
Cole Paviour
Toryn Westcott

Olivia played by Sarah Sweeney
Bruce played by Alex Gatehouse
Mt. Transcendence played by Tiago Morelli

Photographer: Toryn Westcott
Sound Rercordist: Tiago Morelli
SFX/Makeup: Steph Bentham
Art Department: Mathew Lenzi
Editor/VFX: Alex Burt
Composer: Steve Nolan

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