Jul, 2012

In Anaheim, the residents of La Palma were protesting increased police brutality in their community in the wake of an officer-involved shooting of a suspect named Stomper. In response to the “near riot,” (as CBS Los Angeles calls it), police fired rubber bullets and unleashed a canine on a group of protesters, including women and children.

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Jul, 2012


  1. Jonathan Blunk had high hopes for the future, with plans to re-enlist in the Navy and the goal of becoming a Navy Seal. The 26-year-old served three tours in the Persian Gulf and North Arabian Sea between 2004 and 2009 Photograph: AP
  2. Alexander J Boik, known as AJ, recently graduated from high school and was to start classes at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Photograph: AP
  3. Jesse Childress was an US air force cyber-systems operator based at Buckley air force base in Aurora Photograph: AP
  4. Gordon Cowden had gone to the midnight movie premiere with his two teenage children. At 51, he was the oldest of the victims killed in the shooting Photograph: AP
  5. Jessica Ghawi was pursuing a career in sports journalism. She had previously survived a shooting at a Toronto mall Photograph: AP
  6. John Larimer, 27, was a US navy sailor based at Buckley air force base, where he was a cryptologic technician Photograph: AP

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Jul, 2012


  1. Matt McQuinn was shot dead after he dived in front of his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler, and her older brother to shield them from the gunfire Photograph: AP
  2. Micayla Medek lived in the Denver suburb of Westminster, Colorado, and attended Aurora Community College Photograph: AP
  3. Veronica Moser-Sullivan, six, the youngest of the victims. Her mother, Ashley Moser, remains hospitalised with gunshot wounds to her neck and abdomen Photograph: –
  4. Alex Sullivan was at The Dark Knight Rises premiere celebrating his 27th birthday and his first wedding anniversary Photograph: AP
  5. Alexander C Teves, 24, of Phoenix, earned a master’s degree in counselling psychology from the University of Denver in June Photograph: –
  6. Rebecca Ann Wingo had started a job several months ago as a customer relations representative at a mobile medical imaging company Photograph: Facebook

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Jul, 2012



From the Bad Astronomer

The most common way for a black hole to form is in the core of a massive star. The core runs out of fuel, and collapses. This sets off a shockwave, blowing up outer layers of the star, causing a supernova. So the star’s heart collapses while the rest of it explodes outwards.

As the core collapses, its gravity increases. At some point, if the core is massive enough (about 3 times the mass of the Sun), the gravity gets so strong that right at the surface of the collapsing core the escape velocity increases to the speed of light. That means that nothing can escape the gravity of this object, not even light. So it’s black.

As for the second part… it’s possible that you wanted that girl and are projecting douchebag-ness on this other guy because you do not have the emotional capacity to accept that she chose him over you.

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  3. smashing the “friendzone” paradigm
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