Aug, 2012



The King of 78s: Joe Bussard. This guy has 15,000 records and hilariously cantankerous taste in music. Although maybe that passion and nerdery foments and requires this kind of dismissive focus:

Q: Is there a music genre that you avoid?
A: Rock-n- roll. Period. Any of it. Hate it. Worse thing that happened to music. Hurt all types of music. They took blues and ruined it. It’s the cancer of music….ate into everything. Killed Country music, that’s for sure.
Q: A lot of people would claim the complete opposite. that Rock-n-Roll re invented and recharged music. What is it about rock-n-roll that annoys you so much?
A: Don’t like. Just my personal taste. Don’t like the sound of it, the meaning of it…doesn’t promote anything beautiful or meaningful. Idiotic noise, in my opinion.
Q: So artist like Miles Davis, John Coltrane don’t deserve your time?
A: Oh my god, you gotta be kidding me. None of that music moves me.

This cranky dude is a national treasure. Do yourself a favor and check out Down in the Basement, a compilation of 78s found more or less only in Bussard’s collection.

I don’t share this man’s music taste, but I like him, dearly.

Aug, 2012



will.i.am, NASA team up for first song from Mars

“will.i.am listens to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Sciences and Exploration Directorate Chief Scientist Jim Garvin talk next to a mock up of the Mars rover Curiosity in Pasadena, Calif. Today at 4PM EDT, NASA will debut a new song by will.i.am.”

Will.i.am … you are hereby forgiven for the auditory misdeeds of the Black Eyed Peas, thanks to your tireless work to support science and expand education.

And because of the robots. You are a robot/science/art hero. Thank you.

Tune in later today (4 PM Eastern) on NASA TV to stream the event, where Mr. Am’s new song will be broadcast from the surface of Mars. It’s amazing that I just got to type those words.