Apr, 2013

Hyeonseo Lee managed to escape North Korea, TWICE. She went back a second time to save her family. Here’s the tragic and amazing story of how she accomplished it.

  • At 0:50, she starts in on what happens in North Korea.
  • At 1:16, she talks about a horrific letter from her co-worker’s sister.
  • At 1:50, she talks about something she will never erase from her memory.
  • At 2:47, she shows us an enlightening map.
  • At 4:20, her worst nightmare comes true.
  • At 5:23, she shares a tiny bit of happy news.
  • At 6:22, she moves and faces more challenges.
  • At 6:55, she makes a heartbreaking confession.
  • At 7:12, North Korea decides to threaten her family as vengeance.
  • At 7:35, she explains how people escape.
  • At 8:20, the old “show me your papers” line wields its ugly head.
  • At 9:00, her family is arrested multiple times and held for a month. Then she runs out of bribe money.
  • At 9:45, a hero arrives. And we start tearing up a little.
  • At 10:53, we get a happy ending. And she suggests some ways to actually help.
  • And at 12:00, the audience rewards her bravery and resolve with a standing ovation.

Then you may feel the urge to share this. And you may feel the urge to like her on Facebook, at which point, I’ll totally owe you one. It’s an important story, and everyone should get the opportunity to hear it.

[via UpWorthyORIGINAL: By Hyeonseo Lee on the TED stage.]

Apr, 2013

Through the eyes of a young girl suffering from mental illness, CALDERA glimpses into a world of psychosis and explores a world of ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death.

The story follows a young girl who goes off her medication and leaves a bleak metropolis to immerse herself in a vibrant oceanic cove. But she can not live in either the fantastical and haunting world of psychosis or in the marginalizing society that mandates her medication.

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Mar, 2013

Directed by
Diane Martel

Director of Photography
Olivia Malone
Blog: oliviamalone.wordpress.com | Tumblr: livyjane.tumblr.com | Flickr: flickr.com/photos/oliviamalone

Also Featuring
Emily Ratajkowski
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Mar, 2013

Don’t let the presence of Real Dolls turn you away from this brilliant video. The dolls aren’t simply there for shock value. Once you get past their creepy, unsettling gaze, you’ll find a story. Backed by Niia’s haunting lyrics, the music video for her beautiful song MADE FOR YOU depicts the depth of human lust and brutality and comments on rape culture in society. The dolls (women) are merely toys for the man to use and aren’t real until he’s done with them. And the video ends on a shocking note which I never saw coming.

Mar, 2013

Strange Oaks

It’s hard out there for a witch. They have to travel by way of uncomfortable broomsticks all the way out of the eerie forest to scrounge for food. Luckily, a town called Strange Oaks has just what they need to feed those devils’ hour munchies.

Directed and designed by HEADLESS
3D supervisor: Javier Verdugo
Modeling&Lighting: Javier Verdugo
Rigging: Miquel Campos
Animation: PH Dallaire, David St-Amant, Guillaume Pelletier, Christine Houle.

Mar, 2013

SCRATCH MASSIVE / KOUDLAM _ WAITING FOR A SIGN is a rich story without any words, directed by Edouard Salier. Captured against the visually stunning backdrop of Thailand, there is no dialogue in the film (apart from an haunting voice swimming in the gripping background music). The silence in this Lord of the Flies-esque tale intensifies the focus on brutal emotion spoken entirely in its depiction of children behaving as adults. Told in reverse chronological order, the story of these boys comes to a horrifying conclusion.

Director: Edouard Salier
DOP: Julien Meurice
Producer: Roman Pichon Herrera
Editor: Walter Mauriot
Colorist: Marjolaine Mispelaere
Production: Iconoclast
Production Executive: Isis
Post Production: Wassila Kailali @ Reepost