Apr, 2013

Through the eyes of a young girl suffering from mental illness, CALDERA glimpses into a world of psychosis and explores a world of ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death.

The story follows a young girl who goes off her medication and leaves a bleak metropolis to immerse herself in a vibrant oceanic cove. But she can not live in either the fantastical and haunting world of psychosis or in the marginalizing society that mandates her medication.

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Mar, 2013

Strange Oaks

It’s hard out there for a witch. They have to travel by way of uncomfortable broomsticks all the way out of the eerie forest to scrounge for food. Luckily, a town called Strange Oaks has just what they need to feed those devils’ hour munchies.

Directed and designed by HEADLESS
3D supervisor: Javier Verdugo
Modeling&Lighting: Javier Verdugo
Rigging: Miquel Campos
Animation: PH Dallaire, David St-Amant, Guillaume Pelletier, Christine Houle.

Feb, 2013

THE BIG BOY, a gentle marshmellowy giant, protects a small town from terrible storms with his body, fills the lake with an abundant supply of water for the village to drink and helps workers lift extremely heavy objects. The people love their Big Boy until the giant has a terrible accident. When the towns-people turn on him, their village is never the same again. THE BIG BOY is a beautiful and heartbreaking tale written and directed by Lee kyu-tae.