Apr, 2011
It’s Flash Fiction Friday again at Paper Hangover. Each week, one of us gives you a writing prompt. If you want to participate, just leave your link in the comments and we’ll stop by and see your work.
In continuation of last week’s Writing 101 post I proposed this writing prompt:
Take any minor/background character in your novel and give them their own wacky, mini adventure. In 300 words or less, start the scene in media res and end with a cliffhanger. No resolution.
Writing less than 300 words was really tough this week. This served as a good test for me to figure what are the most important details to include in a story. And this time I followed the rules. Word count is exactly 300 words. For my entry, I took two minor characters from my current wip (YA Fantasy) who, at the moment, don’t get much story time. But I managed to fall in love with writing Lombo and Skort enough to write this mini adventure featuring them. They always appeared to me as reminiscent of classic character duos like Pinky and the Brain, Ren & Stimpy, or, dare I say, Laurel and Hardy. Hope you all enjoy THE MISHAPPENINGS OF LOMBO AND SKORT. 🙂
The Misshappenings of Lombo and Skort
Doughy tassels spooled out the tumbler and roped around Lombo. Skort leapt off his stool and raced over to help his lanky friend, now completely buried in a coil of dough.
“I’m gonna get you outta there, Lombo.” Skort called out.
Lombo poked his head out of the center of the doughy spiral. “Get me out? This is the greatest thing to happen all month. I’m wrapped in a dragon of deliciousness!” Lombo chomped into the stringy dough and chewed.
Skort slapped the red “Emergency Stop” button. The machine continued to spit out dough. Skort worked to unravel the dough from around Lombo before any of the other magical creatures who worked in the bakery noticed the screw-up.
A blob of dough bubbled out of the mouth of the tumbler. The boulder rolled out and flattened Skort. Lombo rolled the dough off him and helped him off the ground.
“The ‘Stop’ button is broken,” said Skort. “I have no idea of what else we can do.”
“We could do somersaults.”
“Yes! Let’s do somersaults. Because that’s going to solve the massive machine malfunction!”
“I don’t think so, Skort. It seems to me that if we’re going to shut this machine down we should just unplug it.” Lombo yanked the cord out of the socket in the floor. The machine spun to a stop. “Now we can do somersaults.”
“You knew that plug was there to whole time?”
“Of course. That’s because I paid attention to the safety video.”
“Now, we have to clean up your mess,” said Skort, “before that mean old witch sees.”
“Too late. Here she comes.”
Strega, the kitchen witch, swooped down on her broomstick. Lombo and Skort spread themselves as wide as they could in unnatural poses trying to hide the mess behind their oblong bodies.