Jun, 2012


“I don’t believe one writes for oneself. I think that writing is an act of love—you write in order to give something to someone else. To communicate something. To have other people share your feelings. This problem of how long your work can survive is fundamental for every writer, not just for a novelist or a poet. The truth is, the philosopher writes his book in order to convince a lot of people of his theories, and he hopes that in the next three thousand years people will still read that book. It is just as you hope that your kids survive you, and that if you have a grandchild he survives your children. One hopes for a sense of continuity. When a writer says, I am not interested in the destiny of my book, he is simply a liar. He says so to please the interviewer.”

Umberto Eco, The Art of Fiction No. 197

Jun, 2012


Science: It’s a Girl Thing! But what the hell does that even mean?

An EU effort to get more young women interested in science produced this promotional video … and I have no idea what message it’s supposed to convey.

Want to be a scientist? Everything we do pretty much has a link to makeup, or dancing fabulously! Watch us distract the silly boy scientist!

I’m not the only one who doesn’t particularly like it. Personally, I don’t think you get women involved in science by creating ridiculously unobtainable images for them to emulate. You let them connect with real women, who they can respect and identify with.

Like this, which is from the same people who did the above, and makes me wonder what they were smoking when they approved that video.