Feb, 2012

Winner of ‘Best Independent Animation Award 2012’ at The Blue Plum Animation festival Tennessee and Winner of ‘Best animation for the family and children 2012’ at the Sodak Animation festival South Dekota. Also chosen By Vimeo for their ‘Staff Picks’.

Inspired by my two year old niece who having seen a goat herder in Spain kept chanting ‘lots and lots and lots of goats!’. The story follows a day in the life of a goat herder and his flock of goats as they travel up and down the mountains of Spain.

Feb, 2012


Love his collection of poems from Calligrammes. Translation of “Il Pleut”:

It’s raining women’s voices as if they had died even in memory

And it’s raining you as well marvellous encounters of my life O little drops

Those rearing clouds begin to neigh a whole universe of auricular cities

Listen if it rains while regret and disdain weep to an ancient music

Listen to the bonds fall off which hold you above and below

[Source: Poetry Foundation]


Guillaume Apollinaire, “Calligrammes” Il Pleut, 1916